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Stress Management

Don't let stress take over, take control: Prioritize stress management for a healthier, happier workforce.

 Workshop inclusions:

  •  Awareness of the effects of stress on body & mind.
  •  Gain knowledge of the subtle layers of our being.
  • Adopt better ways to connect with self and other people.
  • Evidence based strategies.
  •  Feel a sense of joy and contentment.

Work-Life Integration

Juggling work and life made easy: Make work-life integration a priority for a more harmonious existence

     Workshop inclusions:

  •  Recognize areas of life that need improvement.
  •  Figure out which areas get the most and least attention.
  • Find out ways to work on how to get attention to the least attended facets of life.

Prevention of Burnout

Do you know In India, one third of workers have reported an increase in the number of burnouts ??

Don't get burned out: Prioritize self-care and prevent burnout for a productive and engaged workforce

     Workshop inclusions:

  • Aware of the the  workplace burnout and its causes & effects.
  •  Identifying  strategies to prevent burnout.
  • Using the techniques of healing and self-awareness circles in the workplace.
  •  Develop a positive and resilient frame of mind

Digital Detoxification

Digital overload? Detox for a healthier and more productive life.

 Workshop inclusions:

  •  Establish a healthy relationship with  digital devices.
  • Learn five steps to well-being which are of extreme importance.
  • Many more strategies and experiential learning for you.

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