Enhancing Happiness

Mentally, Physically,
and Spiritually.

Enriching Minds & Lives

The first step towards a better you is to have nourishment of mind, body, and diet.

About us

At Five Elements Centre, we work towards improving and strengthening employee engagement through our tailored corporate wellness programmes and corporate training programmes, through  ancient wisdom of yoga, ayurveda combined with modern psychology tools and resources.

Our workshops are targeted at improving employee productivity and helping them find the right balance in their personal and professional lives. 

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“Creating a true bond with oneself and being physically and mentally healthy is the mantra that brings ultimate happiness and wealth.”

-Yash Mukand

Our driving force 

Our workshops follow a holistic approach that focuses on improving a human being internally and externally. 
Our approach is centred around the ancient text of  Taittiriya Upanishad which mentions the presence of five koshas which are the layers of our beings such as 
Annamaya Kosha represents our physical body
Pranamaya Kosha represents vital energy, breath 
Manomaya Kosha represents our mind and emotions. Vijnanamaya Kosha represents our higher facilities such as intellect, intuition and imagination 
Anandamaya Kosha represents our blissful body or our true self.
These are the five layers that represent life’s harmony. Each of these layers is impacted by any unpleasant events or emotions.


Life’s Impacted


Workshops Conducted