Five Ways Yoga Can Enhance Your mental wellness

Gone are the days, when “take care” only meant taking care of your physical health.

Today, people have realized the importance of mental health and how your mental health can play a huge role in determining your overall well-being. World Mental Health Day is celebrated with the objective to raise awareness about mental health worldwide and mobilize support for those who have issues with mental health.

Yoga is not just confined to the concept of improving fitness, rather yoga is looked up to as a holistic approach to the betterment of the mind, body, and soul.

 Here are Five ways yoga can enhance your mental well-being.

Mindful Breathing

Mindful breathing is key to a calm and relaxed mind. It is estimated that we breathe about 24,000 breaths in a day. However, breathing does not imply sustaining life rather it has a deep and profound connection with the mind and body. Hence, our breathing is a reflection of our state of mind. By following four square breathing, inhale on the count of 4 and then retain on the count of 4 again exhale on the count of 4 and then retain on the count of One should follow this method at least four times and it is a great way to calm oneself whenever there is stress.  

Meditating with Mantras and Mudras

 MANTRAS– Chanting mantras is one of the effective ways to release stress from the body. When we chant OMMM and exhale for a longer period of time, it helps in relaxing the body and heart rate reduction. Stress is noticeably reduced resulting in improved calmness and relaxation.

 MUDRAS– Another important way to focus and re-energize is with the help of Mudras.  The word “mudra” refers to the use of certain hand gestures during meditation that is meant to direct the flow of energy in your body.


Pranayama is the most effective method for improving well-being. Pranayama strengthens the lungs, and cleanses the respiration system. Lungs are responsible for eliminating harmful carbon dioxide from our bodies and providing sufficient oxygen to our blood. This process helps our body cells and tissues to be rejuvenated.

 Yoga class calms you down

Yoga classes that are centred around the concept of breath have multiple benefits for your well-being. During the class, when you take part in yoga poses such as stretching your arms up to breathe or keeping your arms down while exhaling, you feel a sense of relaxation in your body and mind. Moreover, regular yoga practices boost blood circulation in the body leading to a healthier you.

Connect to your true self

 Building a true connection with yourself is only possible if we experience the transition from SNS to PNS. The transformation from a stressful state of mind to a relaxed and rejuvenated mind has a profound effect on all aspects of your life. It leads you to a state of blissfulness and contentment.

You will have better control over stressful situations, and you will become aware of your true self and find clarity about the goals and aspirations of your life.

 Yoga encourages you to become healthy, and mindful and makes you a mentally strong person.

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